Cellular Glass Insulation Is a Rigid,Lightweight Insulating Material Composed Of Millions Of Completely Sealed Glass Cells,Each An Insulating Space.Foam Glass Insulation’s All-Glass. Cellular Glass Insulation’s All-Glass,Closed-Cell Structure Provides An Unmatched Combination Of Physical Properties

    Cellular glass is mainly made from glass powder, which makes cellular glass totally environmental friendly and recyclable. the whole production system includes raw material batching, glass melting, ball mill mixing, high temperature foaming, continuous cooling, and automatic finishing.

    Cellular glass cleaning brick,which is made of pure glass,and also known as Grill Brick, Griddle/Grill Cleaner, BBQ Scraper/Griddle Cleaning Stone are an amazingly easy to use utensil that clean flat grill surfaces fast.

     High density PUF/PIR is a new kind of foaming polymer with the features of plastic,rubber and softwood. It is created through high speed stirring with the main raw material of isocyanate and polyether added with vesicant,catalyst or flame retardants.